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#Winning At Your Social Media Strategy
Vince Lombardi once said, “winning isn’t the most important thing, #Winning is.” Old Vince was ahead of his time both in his use of annoying futuristic slang and his understanding of social media on the not-yet-invented internet. The point is social media is competition. Who doesn’t check in on their post to see how many likes or retweets they got for their dog picture, baby picture, baby dog picture or popular TV ranting? We all do. And what was up with that True Detective finale? #Justkissalready
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Diversity marketing: It's challenging.
Coca-Cola lit up the social media world with their tribute to American diversity – a multi-lingual version of America the Beautiful. Putting aside political and social responses for and against the ad, it does prompt thinking about the dilemma facing today’s marketers. How do you speak to the breadth of American consumers without alienating any one segment? How do you show the growing Hispanic market that you connect with them without suggesting that you no longer care about your more traditional small town loyalist? How do you appeal to the out and proud same sex couple without crossing lines? And how do you do it all without pandering to either group?
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There once was a dog named Otto. Actually, there still is. Tenacious, eager, a fan of belly rubs, enemy to all passing sirens—Rudy Magnani's dog has become the office mascot. Each month, we award a trophy made in his image to the employee who best embodies his gumption. That, and $100 really seem to make their day.

otto Award



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