Meet your biggest brand advocates.

Magnani Continuum Marketing is an independent digital marketing and UX agency in Chicago, Illinois. We discover meaningful ways to connect brands and customers at every point of contact. We build technology-driven marketing programs that deliver memorable, measurable results. Locally. Regionally. Globally.

Ultimately, we create work our clients can’t help but love but never expected to see.


How can we help?

We know you have unique challenges and goals. That’s why we structure our relationship based on what suits you best, not what’s in our best interest to sell. For some clients, this means providing a full turnkey solution from ideation through execution. For others, it means working on select projects in support of existing brand initiatives. We’re here to help build your brand in a way that promotes your sales, and your bottom line. It’s just that simple.


Being a top advertising agency isn't about choosing channels and shouting. It's about getting heard. It's about connecting. We help you reach your audience when and where they're ready for the message, in clear terms that inspire action. Of course this means we do web, broadcast, print, outdoor, events and more. But what it really means is we ignore the tactics that don't fit your message. We tailor our approach every time. So that you can break through the noise. So that you can get heard.
Brand Development and Activation
Got a brand that's not sure what it wants to be when it grows up? When it shapes up? When it lifts off? We can help you figure it out before your audience does it for you. We’re experts at brand strategy and brand positioning. Whether you're starting from the ground up or trying to revive an oldie but goodie, we've got the proven methodologies and approaches you need to build a successful brand.
Breakthrough Creative
It's not enough to look great. It's got to work hard. Breakthrough and engage. Create an experience. Foster relationships. And all of this has to be on strategy. Regardless of format: print, broadcast or digital, our amazing team of integrated creatives brings their A-game to every assignment. Nothing's better than watching an unexpected idea come to life and begin to grow beyond your wildest dreams.
Content Strategy and Development
Looking to build and integrate a process for your existing team? We can help you get up and running and avoid the pitfalls along the way. Or just looking for some additional expertise to get content developed? From content strategy to keyword analysis, migration and curation to governance and analytics, our deep experience working with highly technical industries makes quickly creating new content a reality.
Digital/User Experience
How do you take a vision and create an engaging, effective and state of the art user experience? Through lots and lots of documentation, collaboration and tenacity. From app- and web-based user experience design through websites and interactive environmental branding, our team of designers, developers and programmers are here for you to get your project turned around as quickly as you need. And by here, we mean actually in our office (and in our time zone too, of course), ready to tackle any PHP, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Squarespace or JavaScript, Angular JS, Perl or C (sharp or objective) challenge that comes our way.
Internal Communications
Brands don’t just appear – they live. They require nurturing, love and attention. And it starts with each and every member of your organization understanding and embracing your positioning, your strategy and your identity. From global standards and style guides to interactive brand launches and ongoing internal communications, we’ll help you ensure your brand doesn’t just breathe – it succeeds.
Marketing Communications
You're not looking for an agency — you're looking for a marketing partner. Award-winning creative. Sound strategies. Flawless execution. A commitment to the highest levels of service. A team as concerned about the health and well-being of your brand performance as you are. As an integrated marketing agency, we develop customized, technology-enhanced approaches and transform unexpected ideas into smart solutions with memorable and measurable results.
Marketing Strategy and Planning
Sometimes, you gotta break it all down before you can build it all back up. We can help you dissect the relationships between your brand and the marketplace and recommend brand positioning, marketing strategies and business processes to build a more powerful brand experience.
Marketing/Technology Integration
Marketing and IT – and never the twain shall meet. Or at least that's how things used to (not) work—until marketing started controlling more of the IT spend. Now everyone needs to get in line with the same plan and strategy. We bring interactive web design to life. And as we do it, we help our clients improve alignment and coordination between the marketing and IT departments. Our process makes digital implementation less painful, more collaborative, and most importantly, more accountable for everyone. We pinky swear.
Qualitative. Quantitative. Anecdotal. Behavioral. Whatever it takes. Everything we do starts and ends with the customer, so we figure you better know who they are and what they want. And of course, we can do it all within your budget and your crazy timeline. Because knowing your customer and generating results is that critical. Absolutely.
Social Media and Public Relations
Brands are a conversation. And the whole world is listening. Before you start updating your status, we'll arm you with an effective strategy and plan, or depending on your resources we can provide a full turnkey solution. Go beyond creating a dialogue and begin building belief systems.