The Cubs, Loyalty and the Brand Experience

How can someone stay loyal to a brand that’s done nothing but disappoint year after year? How can someone choose to be associated with a brand so troubled, so pitiful, so heartbreaking that its perceived claim to fame is a near 100% failure rate?

It’s partially about hope. Tribal hope. I made the choice to be a Cubs fan long ago. In return for my loyalty, the Cubs made a promise to dedicate each precious season to trying as hard as possible to win a World Series Championship. There were plenty of years where we both knew that promise wouldn’t be fulfilled... but we pretended there was a chance. We as fans felt betrayed when big-money free agents were not signed, beloved personalities left and the product was underwhelming. But, in spite of it all we adored them for who they were; lovable losers. We celebrated the occasional spectacular play, come from behind win or three-homer game, but never the Holy Grail. That joy was reserved for others. We were made to wander the desert, never permitted to enter the Promised Land for ourselves. But Cubs fans carried on. We bought tickets, T-shirts and beers. Lots of beers. 

The Magnani Family on Parade Day.

The Magnani Family on Parade Day.

One of the most powerful brand experiences a consumer can have is when a product or service fails them and the brand efficiently responds with great customer service experience to repair the problem. It builds faith and trust. Consumers are quick to forgive a brand they trust. The product the Cubs produced was broken but they were great at providing a service of escapism. The team may have lost but they filled our summers with memories to cache, share and recollect for years. And for that we forgave them. The pain was a pivotal part of the story and the heart-wrenching defeat calcified our tribe. We bought more hats, more peanuts and more beer. A lot more beer. 

The Wrigley Faithful.

The Wrigley Faithful.

In case you’ve been living in a cave on Mars and haven’t heard the news yet, the Cubs won the World Series this year. The brand synonymous with failure has at long last achieved the pinnacle of success. The five million fans that attended the victory parade were rewarded with the ultimate customer service experience – a bizarre feeling of relief, success and unbridled joy.

As Cub fans, we’ve always felt appreciated and felt we received one of the greatest joys there was to have; the pleasure of baseball. The Cubs’ epic tale – from the out-of-it-by-May to dream season – has become our story. And in return, the Cubs have received our eternal loyalty. I am a brand advocate... for life.

-Brian Riley, Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner

Cubs 4 Life.

Cubs 4 Life.



Reflections of an Account Intern

As I wrap up my final two weeks at Magnani, I look back at my experience and reflect on all of the things I’ve learned, and how my internship has helped prepare me for a career in marketing. During these past few months, I’ve been able to make a solid contribution to the team by assisting with a huge social media project, and along the way I’ve picked up a few lessons on time management and leadership.


Current Career Opportunities


When I first started this internship just two months back, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really wanted to make a contribution to the team, and I was anxious to find the opportunity to do so. Fortunately, I had the chance to job shadow several different employees at Magnani and sit in on numerous creative meetings. It was during one of these meetings that I was offered the opportunity to research and find the most effective social media automation tool to better serve Magnani’s clients and their ongoing social media campaigns.


The process of finding the best solution possible required a few weeks of research and testing different available platforms. During this time, I had the opportunity to work with Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Simply Measured. Working with these diverse platforms taught me the importance that companies place on monitoring and reporting on their social media sites. Undertaking this big project also gave me the opportunity to take a lead on an assignment and invest my full effort toward finding the right solution for the company.


Who We Are.


As I worked on this project, I also learned the value of time management. As an intern, you have to be able to manage your time efficiently in order to assist with any client requests or to help out a fellow co-worker. There were a few instances where I would be working on testing one of the social media platforms, and another one of my colleagues would unexpectedly show up needing assistance with another task or assignment.


I’ve learned that as an intern, it’s necessary to make yourself available when needed and avoid saying “no” to extra work if possible. In order to deal with managing multiple tasks, I’ve found it’s best to prioritize each task by deadline, and then simply focus on each task until its completion. This method has helped me on numerous occasions to deal with any unexpected changes in my usual workflow, and I applied this tactic while researching and testing social media automation tools for this project.


Contact Us. 


Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time at Magnani. The people and the culture really make this place a great creative agency to work for. Most importantly, my internship has taught me valuable lessons on project management and leadership. The skills and knowledge I’ve learned from my experience at Magnani will certainly serve me well as I move forward with my marketing career. 

Omar Hernandez, Digital Account Intern