March 30, 2018

Who Owns Your Company’s Website—Marketing or IT?

Christy Hogan Hutchinson
Creative, Marketing Strategy & Planning, Planning

In many organizations we work with, IT has full control of the website and Marketing is relegated to the role of being allowed to “paint” what IT provides. Just as often, Marketing owns the website, placing IT in the unfortunate position of trying to build a user experience that either the available data or tech stack doesn’t support. Neither of these scenarios is ideal and each leaves frustration on all sides.

September 10, 2013

Bringing a Brand Essence to Life

Christy Hogan Hutchinson

I happened upon the Chipotle Cultivate festival in Lincoln Park this past weekend at the recommendation of my neighbor. I have to say I was impressed. I mean with live music, local craft beer, good eats, kids activities and celebrity chef demonstrations – what’s not to love?!?