June 1, 2018

A Better Model for GDPR

Justin Daab Customer Experience Design

The EU GDPR went into effect. More interesting than the impact on marketing practices is how the law, while giving users control of their data, failed to provide mechanisms for wielding that power efficiently.

May 3, 2018

All About Prototyping

Magnani Podcast, Prototyping & Development

In this episode of Brilliant, Justin and Justin discuss the value of prototyping in the design process. They cover various levels of fidelity (low, medium & high), why you would choose between those levels and the relative value of each.

April 6, 2018

2018—Disruption Goes Mainstream

Alayna Van Hall Product & Service Ideation, Prototyping & Development

The most significant take-away from RND2018 was that at the core of all innovation is the creation of value. And that value doesn’t happen overnight (and it certainly isn’t magic). It takes a methodical approach, with key success and failure metrics helping to guide the path. Here are the four themes from the RND2018 Summit.