June 1, 2018

A Better Model for GDPR

Justin Daab
Customer Experience Design

The right idea with unintended implications The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect recently. Even if you don’t directly do business in Europe, undoubtedly, many of the services you rely upon to do work and communicate with potential customers do, and as such, it will certainly impact how any marketer manages opt-ins and permissions domestically. Though more interesting to me than the impact on marketing practices, per se, is how …

March 23, 2018

Ethics in Design

Justin Jurek
Customer Experience Design

It’s not enough to identify the behaviors, we must create a corporate culture in each of our businesses that values and understands the human realities our behaviors impact. As strategists, designers and developers we must ensure that the work we produce follows these five key guides.