September 22, 2017

Apple vs. The Mad Men: Can marketing and privacy co-exist?

Justin Daab Customer & Market Insights, Market Insights, Marketing Strategy & Planning

The release of iOS 11 could introduce the greatest threat to the Web as we know it. That’s because Apple is introducing strict new privacy protection in its mobile Safari browser that will prevent ad networks from effectively tracking your browsing history through cross site tracking. While advertisers claim the process is benign, many believe that in the hands of a malicious entity, this information could be used to nefarious ends.

February 19, 2017

Metrics That Move Your Understanding From “What” To “Why”

Justin Daab Customer & Market Insights

As marketers, we look most often at the analytics that tell us if we are connecting enough. Let’s go beyond reach and frequency, and discover a few underutilized metrics that provide a true indication of how well you are connecting (and if you are connecting) with your most valuable targets. Content warning: there will be some math involved.