March 30, 2018

Who Owns Your Company’s Website—Marketing or IT?

Christy Hogan Hutchinson
Creative, Marketing Strategy & Planning, Planning

In many organizations we work with, IT has full control of the website and Marketing is relegated to the role of being allowed to “paint” what IT provides. Just as often, Marketing owns the website, placing IT in the unfortunate position of trying to build a user experience that either the available data or tech stack doesn’t support. Neither of these scenarios is ideal and each leaves frustration on all sides.

March 2, 2018

Why Your Brand is Only a Guest in the House of Reddit: A Lesson on the Sanctity of the Upvote

Eric Ravenstein
Marketing Strategy & Planning

Reddit has over 540 million monthly visitors, ranking as the #4 most visited website in the U.S. and #6 in the world. And as such, advertisers have coveted and courted the Reddit user base, repeatedly trying to break into the platform. The best of them authentically joining the conversation. The most doomed of them trying to manipulate the community.

September 29, 2017

Marketing’s VR Problem

Justin Daab
Marketing Strategy & Planning

Today, VR is not delivering on its potential in any way that is compelling from a marketing or advertising perspective. If we take a deeper look at adoption rates, then VR will never really scale to be important. It will be the next LaserDisc. So, what happened?

September 22, 2017

Apple vs. The Mad Men: Can marketing and privacy co-exist?

Justin Daab
Customer & Market Insights, Market Insights, Marketing Strategy & Planning

The release of iOS 11 could introduce the greatest threat to the Web as we know it. That’s because Apple is introducing strict new privacy protection in its mobile Safari browser that will prevent ad networks from effectively tracking your browsing history through cross site tracking. While advertisers claim the process is benign, many believe that in the hands of a malicious entity, this information could be used to nefarious ends.