February 22, 2018

Innovation, Failure and Knobs

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In this episode, Justin and Justin discuss Elon Musk’s appetite for failure as a key component of the innovation process, plus the resurgence of physical controls in a touchscreen-dominated world.

December 1, 2017

We’ve always seen that change is constant

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We have been telling our clients for years, “If you can think of how your business might be disrupted, disrupt it yourself.” We’ve spent the past year following our own advice and changing our service offering, from an integrated marketing agency to an experience design and strategy firm.

October 26, 2017

The Technical Requirements of Launching Your Own Podcast

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When it comes to your podcast you’ve established the content calendar, decided on the hosts, booked your guests, identified the target audience, and determined the topics as well as the title. Now it’s time to start recording. But how do you take your podcast from conception to an iTunes subscription?  In Part II of our podcast preparation Erin Diehl and Allison Keller of Improve It are back in the studio to quiz host Michael Dennis …

October 20, 2017

How to build your podcast from scratch

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Erin Diehl is the CEO and founder of Improve It and she is no stranger to this podcast. Erin’s first visit to the Chicago Marketing Podcast was a fan favorite and in the weeks following she reached out to host Michael Dennis inquiring about how to launch her own Improve It podcast and incorporate it into their promotion and outreach. Instead of having this discussion over a cup of coffee, Michael invited the Improve It …

October 13, 2017

How to Promote Live Events in a Digital World with Taylor Gaines

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Taylor Gaines is the CEO and founder of T&T Media and one of the best guests ever on the Chicago Marketing Podcast and she’s back! Taylor is bringing back her ‘Powered by Social Media’ series on Thursday, October 19th and she’s she’s here to talk all about promoting live events in an increasingly digital world. Don’t miss this extremely informative and relevant podcast and don’t miss ‘Powered by Social Media’ on Thursday the 19th in …

October 6, 2017

Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

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To Augment Reality or to enter Virtual Reality? That is the question facing programmers, the public and we as marketers. Which one offers the greatest opportunities to connect with target demographics? Michael and Alayna sit down this week to discuss the short history and uncertain future of both platforms. For more on AR and VR read these great pieces: www.magnani.dream.press/blog/vrwww.six-degrees.com/the-powerful-ri…lity-marketing/   To download or listen on iTunes hit that “subscribe” button to get a fresh episode …

September 29, 2017

5 Minute Marketer – Maximizing Your Outreach

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There’s nothing more important to the growth of your business than your outreach efforts. In this week’s installation in our 5 Minute Marketer series we revisit one of the most popular episodes of 2017 and give you 5 steps to improve your outreach today!