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Throughout our 32-year history, we’ve seen the communications environment undergo massive shifts. From a finite number of mass media outlets, owned and managed by a small number of publishers and broadcasters, to a seemingly infinite landscape of content creators. From mass audiences catered to by advertisers to innumerable niche audiences catered to by the lone voices of individuals, emerging from a socially networked populous. And with every change, Magnani has always adapted.

In 1985, Magnani & Associates, Advertising, Inc. was launched as a creative boutique, focusing mainly on creating advertising campaigns and collateral. The firm quickly became agency of record for a diverse client base, ranging from retail, to action sports, higher education, children’s products, tour and travel, small appliances and more. Call it Magnani 1.0.

In the mid 90’s, we realized that in an ever-fracturing communications landscape, to truly affect positive change for our clients’ businesses, we needed to expand our services, beyond traditional mass media advertising, and address how our clients marketed their brands through every point of customer contact. That still meant producing creative advertising and collateral, sure, but it also meant addressing merchandising, packaging, sales training, trade show presence, distribution partnerships and adopting new media, like the World Wide Web. We changed our name to Magnani Continuum Marketing and moved from calling our company an advertising agency to an integrated marketing and brand development agency. Magnani 2.0.

Disruption is the new normal.

Today, we see even greater change. And that change is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Since the dawn of the World Wide Web, more than half of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 have been replaced—their businesses disrupted by new technologies, new methods of distribution and massive generationally-driven shifts in culture. And it is projected that half of today’s Fortune 500 companies could be replaced again by 2025. Helping clients create a sustainable competitive advantage in this environment requires more than simply addressing how they communicate, it requires a willingness to address the very foundations of how they do business.

Disruptor, disrupt thyself.

We have been telling our clients for years, “If you can think of how your business might be disrupted, disrupt it yourself.” We’ve spent the past year following our own advice and changing our service offering, from an integrated marketing agency to an experience design and strategy firm.

What does that mean? It means merging a deep understanding of every aspect of our clients’ businesses, internal resources, product and service development pipelines, customers, competitors and long-term goals with a broader understanding of emerging technologies and cultural trends. The outcome being a long-term strategy for creating an innovative customer experience—online and operationally—that is more engaging, motivating and measurable.

Along the way, we provide a number of services that encompass a process of discovery, innovation and opportunity for our clients. It’s transformational. It’s comprehensive. It’s Magnani 3.0.

Customer Market Insights
Customer Experience Design
Enterprise Activation
Growth Strategies
Marketing Strategy, Planning and Creative
Prototyping and Development
Product and Service Ideation

It’s never been more challenging or exciting.

Disruption offers no playbook and certainly no guarantees. But we believe there is, for our clients, no opportunity greater in the marketplace today.


Magnani is an experience design and strategy firm that crafts transformational digital experiences to delight users and deliver sustainable competitive market advantages for our clients.


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