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It's not enough to write a blog (like this one) these days. No matter how great your words are you need to have a visual component that attracts readers and identifies you brand. Utilize these 25 great visual programs to improve your content marketing. Of course, you could always pick up the phone and call true marketing professionals who specialize in creating unforgettable and effective campaigns. Professionals like us here at Magnani: (312) 957-0770.


There's nothing more American than enjoying a cool beverage on a hot summer holiday weekend. Unless it's enjoying a cool beverage on a hot summer holiday weekend with a bunch of fireworks. No matter how you're spending the holiday weekend don't forget to capture the memory. And Mike's Hard Lemonade is engaging its fans by making sure all American holidays are now available in GIF Form. See all the fun at Adweek.


Mashable has the answer to an age old question: what do your cats do at night? Yes, that is the premise of a brand new animated movie but it was also a question that a group of Australian scientists set out to answer. By attaching a GPS unit to 25 different cats, they were able to get a peek in to the fascinating and secret lives of pets.


How do you average 40,000 likes and an audience of 2.5 million on every post? It takes more than a large fanbase, it takes a complete understanding of your audience and a mastery of the Facebook Ad algorithm. Whisper knows its audience and they have mastered the art of Facebook Ads


Boosting posts has long been a preferred option of social media advertisers. They allow your brand to place your most engaging content front and center. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat all allow for boosted content and now it looks like Instagram is about to get into the game.  


The future of digital marketing is video. There are now more videos uploaded every day to Facebook than to Youtube. Snapchat and Instagram are growing while Twitter stalls. If you're a Millennial, then nothing in this article will surprise you. If you aren't a Millennial, then there's plenty in this article to confirm some of your greatest fears. Millennials are the key to creating video campaigns that resonate and they are best positioned to lead your brand into the future.  


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