Missing Out on FOMO?

If somehow you haven’t heard of FOMO, don’t fear that you're missing out. FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. It’s a way of describing one’s digital and social motivations. Fear may be the most powerful motivator and no one wants to feel like they are the ones who aren’t a part of the group. FOMO may have originated as a way to categorize ‘modern envy’ but it’s beginning to grow into its own demographic. The FOMO demo isn’t limited to any age, region, or background and your brand can connect with FOMO’ers if you keep their habits and values in mind.

Great example of a FOMO commercial.

The FOMO demographic isn’t solely comprised of early adopters, it’s their followers as well. For example, the platform with the most growth in women 35 and up is Snapchat. That’s not because of the content, interactivity or personalities that are on Snapchat. It’s because on average, women over 35 look to their children to stay in touch with new things. No amount of advertising can equal the FOMO that mothers have for their own children. If your target demographic is women 35-55, an excellent indicator of where they’ll be next is the emerging brands and platforms of the youth.


The FOMO demographic is more engaged by branded content than by traditional commercials. Ads are expected and the more seamless your advertising can be integrated into the content, the better. The opposite of an integrated ad would be the ads that play during YouTube videos. They often have little, if anything to do with your video of choice. Viewers hit ‘skip’ as quickly as is allowable. As a brand manager, your fear should sit with your target demo skipping over your message. More creative and integrated messaging can prevent such oversight.

Dad's got FOMO over his son's game.

The FOMO demographic values authenticity above all else. That’s the reason they take to branded content so easily. Branded content is open about its partnerships and is blended as seamlessly as it can be. FOMO’ers elevated emphasis on authenticity makes them value the content itself over the production quality. Content can and will resonate even without high production value. In some cases, having too high of a production value can hurt the perceived authenticity of your brand. It looks inauthentic if your ‘on-the-fly’ Instagram video looks like it took three days to storyboard and shoot. Your priorities should be sharability, consumability, and overall enjoyment. Then you can worry about perceived production value.


Be flexible, be integrated and be authentic. That’s how you connect with the emerging FOMO demographic. It’s difficult to stay on top of the trends, topics, platforms and personalities that make up the modern marketing landscape. If it ever feels a bit overwhelming, then it’s a good thing we’re here. Magnani knows this stuff like it’s our business, because it is. Drop us a line anytime at 312-957-0457 or Alayna@Magnani.com so your brand doesn’t miss out!

 - Michael Dennis, Content Creator and Digital Strategist