Baracking the Youth Vote


No matter what your political affiliation, it’s hard to disagree that Barack Obama is a star. Few politicians in history have been able to create such incredible buzz around their campaign or enjoy the support of such fervent fans. In a time where the status-quo is being almost universally rejected, Obama’s message of change is easy for many demographics to like. But there’s one particular demographic which likes it best of all.

Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, favor Obama by an incredible margin. His brand and messaging connects to them in ways that other politicians haven’t been able to replicate. In an article for AdAge, Peter Feld discusses Obama’s success with the youth market and what we, as marketers, can learn from it.

The story is definitely worth reading and reveals a lot of interesting tidbits about what works and why. While it is too early to determine whether Obama’s youth success translates into actual votes come election time, it’s never too early to get a lesson in marketing.


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