A Medal Contender?


Since we’re in the middle of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, it’s fitting, although unreasonable and preposterous, to compare our softball team to a U.S. Olympic team. The Pickles entered the season following years of mediocrity, much like the U.S. Ping Pong team. They surprised themselves and probably a few of their opponents when they were seen rallying, like Jason Lezak, in the seventh inning and scoring 5 runs to win a game.
The Pickles even surprised themselves by scoring 15 points in the first 4 innings of one game, something even Misty May and Kerri Walsh couldn’t do. Disclaimer: They don’t play softball. While the Pickles often looked more like Michael Phelps’ opponents rather than Michael Phelps, there’s no denying they saw improvement and had fun. Some might say they were similar to Italy in the Mens 4×100 meter freestyle relay. Who are they you ask. The team that finished 4th.

Season highlights:
The Pickles finished the regular season with a winning record of 4-3.
The Pickles recorded their first ever post-season win.

As they say, there’s always next year.


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