Strategy, Schmategy


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“I’d like to be doing more strategy.” It’s been my experience that this statement ranks number one in prevalence in any Account service career-related discussion that I’ve participated in over the past 5 years. The truth is, that if we are doing our jobs well, we should all be doing strategic thinking on every job, every day. Being a good strategic thinker means being an excellent strategic doer – not only when you are putting together your plan and who you are targeting and all that stuff – but most importantly when you are putting together the _______ (fill in the blank with any or all of these – sell sheet, hang tag, brochure, banner ad, etc. etc. etc.). Much like the devil is in the details, the strategy is in the execution. Think about it. If there’s no strategy in the piece you’re doing now – if it doesn’t meet the end goal (more sales, more awareness, more buzz, whatever) – that’s your opportunity to push back – to be the voice of reason – and get it (the strategy) in there or maybe suggest not doing it in the first place. I mean really, that’s why clients pay us, to be smart, right? And the more you demonstrate that you understand and execute strategy at the critical levels (the pieces that actually touch the customer), then odds are, before you know it, the greater the opportunity that higher level strategy work that you’ve been talking about doing, will follow.


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