The Laws of Simplicity




I recently came to the conclusion that my life is full of too much “crap”.  Extra stuff that I’m not using that is taking up space I could be using for other things, or extra space that it would just feel better to have as “extra.”  We’ve probably all felt like this at some point in our lives.  I’ve been “drinkin’ the kool-aid” when it comes to simplicity in design for some time now, and I think that it finally crept in to just about every other aspect of my life.  In talking with a friend who is going to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) for her MFA in Graphic Design in the fall, she mentioned a book that the new president of RISD – John Maeda – recently wrote, called “The Laws of Simplicity”.  The book discusses the concept of simplicity not only in design, but in a way that applies to just about every part of life – design, business, relationships, life in general.  He also created a blog/website ( to discuss further the topic of simplicity and in an effort to recognize that this should be an ONGOING discussion and that his book is in no way the “final word.”  In any case – it was a quick read that was very informative and even pretty hilarious at times!

If anyone wants to borrow the book – let me know.  It will be living at my desk for a while.

A few links for further info on Maeda and what he’s up to: John’s RISD blogJohn at Technology ReviewTake a jog and have a discussion with John, if you’re ever in Providence, RI of course. MIT Media Lab


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