Why Chicago? The World Wants to Know




While the world is focusing on the Olympics in China, some of the IOC members are looking towards the 2016 candidate cities. That in mind, our Chicago 2016 colleagues are working hard in many capacities to help Chicago win the offical bid.

They just launched  the “Chicago 2016 online channel,” which will contain Chicago videos and stories told by those who best qualify for the job–the natives. The folks at www.chicago2016.org are asking people to shoot and upload their videos, which will give the world a glimpse at why Chicago should host the Games. Not only are they engaging consumers to create their own content, they have the potential to turn current city enthusiasts into true Bid evangelists. A city’s greatest marketing resource (and clear depiction of an end benefit) is the happy campers who reside there. If the Olympic folk can successfully reach out to these potential, web-savvy, camera-ready Chicagophiles, I think we might have a good shot.

How would you market Chicago to the IOC?

What are our city’s key differientiators and USPs?

The best post just might serve as inspiration for a video to upload.


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