Live from New York…it’s Ad Week ’08!


This week, the brightest (or most available) minds in the business convene throughout various places in New York City to discuss the trends that are influencing our business. With so many occurring in the digital realm, the folks at Ad Week have made themselves readily available online. In case you couldn’t afford the $350/night hotel room in New York, you’re in luck. Follow their conversations on twitter, flickr or join the facebook group. Or listen to their Live Radio. That is, if your not busy reading all their blogs.

It’s just like you’re there–and you don’t have to sit through the Jimmy Fallon stand-up or the “Battle of the Ad Bands.”



Some things to check out:
-Marketing in the Mobile Age
-Consumers are the New Media
-The Facebook Spark Series
-Marketing During a Reccession
-The Age of the Female Economy
and, of course…How Sweden is Changing Advertising


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