“Power down. Log off. Chew up.” Dentyne Gum: The UnInternet




When I hopped on the Red Line after work, my usual uninterrupted train ride of texting was interrupted by ads that encouraged me to do otherwise.

The new Dentyne Gums ads, which can be found plastered all over train cars, challenge people to trade in their online interactions and “Make face time,” as per their tagline.

The other headlines (which are all paid off with images of bright, smilin’ 18 year-old kids actively engaging in the action of their chosen HL) read:

New original voicemail.  (One person whispers into another person’s ear) The original instant message. (More kissing) And another one of two kids making-out in a meadow. I forget the copy.

An NYTimes article reported that, “People under 20 are the most avid gum chewers.” Makes sense with the imagery and the big online push for this campaign. This target is the known multi-taskers…they can text, update facebook and upload YouTube videos all while chewing gum. Amazing.

Last week they launched a Web site, www.makefacetime.com. I know what you are thinking, “A Web site? But isn’t the point to log off the Internet?” Yes. So the site is programmed to only stay active for three minutes, thus further encouraging people to make-out—I mean “make face time” with others.

I hear they are also running an essay contest. The theme? “How Social Networking has Disconnected Me to the People that Matter Most.”

So stop reading this and go “make face time” with the guy behind the counter at the quickie-mart when you go buy some Dentyne Gum.



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