He’s Baaaack!




Dexter, of course. Everyone’s favorite psychopath has made his way back on TV and on the streets of the Chicago. Just recently, there was a pop-up fake newsstand in the financial district to promote the new season. It featured magazines with Dexter on the cover, red-colored beverages and a fake guy behind the counter.

They had to do something to top off last year’s stunt—setting-up random fountains with red water gushing out of them.

Experiential marketing, like this, allows for consumers to see the brand as trying to establish a true connection, as opposed to a cluttered attempt to sell something. These genuine, memorable experiences will take brands a lot further in the long run than tactics only concerned with short-term results. It’s the difference between remembering a direct mail coupon versus the time a major food brand hosted the world’s largest brat drop and gave out free samples.

What have you seen that’s popped up in Chicago lately?

More Dexter photos can be seen here.


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