Sweetest Day: Where Did It Come From?


If you are not from the Great Lakes area, you might not be familiar with Sweetest Day—yet another holiday on the calendar to buy people flowers and candy. It’s a little unclear if the holiday was originated by one philanthropist or a dozen candy makers. Either way, the first Sweetest Day happened in 1922 in Cleveland and some 20,000 boxes of candy were delivered to “newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor.”

Over the years this holiday morphed into a reason for restaurants and other “date-friendly” establishments to offer special promos—I’m sure a Sweetest Day mattress sale isn’t too far off.

If you don’t have a “sweetie” in your life, you can celebrate another holiday concocted by desperate bar owners—“St. Practice Day.” It’s six months until St. Patty’s and apparently we all could use some practice.



Photo: www.allenprograms.com


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