12 Days of Halloween: Day 2




Since my previous post confirmed that more people buy candy on Halloween than on V-day, let’s weigh in on what’s the worst. Before you jet off to the grocery to stock up for trick-or-treaters, read our list for what not to buy. Don’t be that guy that gives out the candy mentioned on this list. Do you really want your house to get egged?

1. Hands down, the worst candy has to be giving out no candy. This usually comes in the form of toothbrushes, pennies or raisins. And is usually dished out by the old folks and rich people.

2. Most people in the office felt strongly about this one, but no one could quite put their finger on a specific name. So, I pooled together the common descriptors.
Peanut butter.
Waxed-paper wrapped.
Black and orange things.
Round chewy candies that without any label that unravel in the bag.
Also, “nasty, cheap crap” was thrown into the mix by our creative director.

3. Our Director of Strategy mentioned that Bit o’ Honey and Mary Janes make her belch.

4. One of our female art directors hates the “wax soda bottles where you bite the top off and drink the soda.” Whereas our creative director again chimed in to say, “Who doesn’t like drinking sugar water? Probably the people who don’t like Pixie Stix.”

5. Candy corn. Whether in cone-shaped or pumpkin-shaped form.

6. The HR extraordinaire of the office said the worst was when he was a kid and one household had a tray of Dixie cups filled with water.  “They thought it was hilarious…..we egged their house,” said Ted.

7. Our new copywriter hates people who leave baskets out front because they’re too lazy to answer the door. The basket was always empty by the time he arrived. All that remained was a sign reading “please be courteous and take only one piece of candy.”

I’ve saved the best for the last. Promise.
Our new copywriter takes the cake with, “The caramel-coated erasers my neighbor gave all of us kids one year before he went to jail.

Moral of the story is don’t give out bad candy. If you don’t end up in jail, you’ll wake up to slimy eggs streaking down your siding.


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