Marketing Vibrancy


Marketing Vibrancy Marketing a company that relies on tourism in today’s Blur Age requires the use of unconventional tactics to help drive business objectives. In general, resources are restricted for companies in the tourism category. Traditional media budgets are strained for share of voice for even the largest companies. Alternative mediums and unrealized factors can have a positive impact on your company and they should be considered in any marketing planning. Not always viewed as connected to marketing is location and planning consideration for a tourist or destination driven product should be given to your business location and the effect your location has on your business. Retailers understand the importance of location, but other categories of tourism business are equally effected.  If your a Chicago Business you should find ways to support Mayor Daley’s tree planting program, street beautification, TIF districts, the Olympic bid and even the Calatrava Condo. Millennium Park will more then pay for itself in the future vitality and glow that it imbues for Chicago businesses. Any Illinois business a simple notion to be sure, but proactive initiatives.  We are a social species and like the experience of locations where people congregate. Our very own vitality is reflected in the energy created by the places people occupy. Depicting ideas and images of collective experiences is a good way to market the vibrancy of a location. Many studies have shown that word-of-mouth is thought to be the most influential dimension of your marketing. Igniting traffic to your businesses is in large part driven from the collective conscious of positive word-of-mouth influence. Buzz drives awareness and managed buzz drives influence. 

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