12 Days of Halloween: Day 8


Nothing says Halloween like a scary movie. And nothing promotes a scary movie like a prank phone call from the film’s lead creep-o.
Saw V opened this weekend and fell short to High School Musical 3. Maybe we can blame the movie’s #2 slot on their failed viral marketing stunt. Taking inspiration from Snakes on a Plane, Saw marketers also utilized a prank-phone-call tactic. You go to a Web site. You enter your friend’s info and they receive a phone call from the film’s lead character, Jigsaw. Since getting a (pre-recorded) phone call from Sam L. Jackson isn’t as scary as Jigsaw telling you to “let the games begin,” the viral got shut down.



Sometimes things are just a little too on strategy, thus evoking too real of the intended emotion.  That’s why people actually called the cops after getting the prank phone call. And sometimes people just overreact (Think Aqua Teen Hunger Force in Boston).Walt Disney Pictures

Read the full article and listen to Jigsaw’s phone call here.



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