12 Days of Halloween: Day 10


Two days to go. You got that costume lined up?In case you still need some inspiration, take a cue from the Dear Jane Sample blog–I did, but I infused a few of my own. Here’s some suggestions from the Magnani team:



Classic Ad Icons – Tony the Tiger, Michelin Man, Pillsbury Dough Boy, Mr. Clean will surely get recognized, as well as ignite feelings of ad nostalgia. Our president suggested dressing alike and being the “Double Mint twins.” Jeff, a copywriter on staff, suggested the “Where’s the Beef?” lady. But you have to be looking for the beef all night. Ronald McDonald–he’s a clown. ‘Nuff said. The Geico gecko.

Not-so-classic Ad Icons – Our creative director suggested dressing as New Coke. But people might not talk to you. Bonus points if you can pull off Crystal Clear Pepsi. Mercedes Benz Logo–make sure your hula hoop is huge and strudy.

Struggling freelance writer or designer – You know this guy/girl. Dress like them. If you’re a guy, you need the stocking hat with pen sticking out to signify your “writer” status. Talk about your big ideas and the fact that you are waiting to hear back from Leo any day now.

Mac Guy (or Alex Bogusky) v PC Guy – Grab your bestie and pull this fave off.

Greek Copy – Wear a toga with a “Lorem Ipsum” sash (I just thought of this one! No wonder they pay me the big bucks…)

Cut Copy – If you want a more horrifying look. Must use fake blood.

Mad Men character – With the popularity of this show, chances are people will “get” this one. Just make sure to chain smoke and drink a lot of scotch.

Creative Brief – Wear outrageous briefs. Or, wear crazy clothes and white briefs on the outside.

A Bad Stock photo –  Dress really cheesy and wear a smile.

Spokesperson – Dress up like a well-known advertising spokesperson and don’t break your character all night. “Do you want to make more money? Sure. We all do.”

Web 2.0 – Dress all in white, attach some webs on to your clothes and write “2.0″ on your forehead.

Still not sure?

You can always look for an costume contest. Southwest Airlines announced on Twitter their contest for followers to send their photos of them dressed as a plane or flight attendant for a chance to win a prize. Another co-worked remembered when Chipotle held a promo to dress like a burrito to win a free burrito.


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