12 Days of Halloween: Day 11


Almost there. By now you should have finalized costumes, candy and cocktails. During this Halloween blog series, we brought you helpful information for those aforementioned items, but I’m afraid I left out something very important: the kids. Those cute, costumed crusaders (who drive a lot of the purchasing power for this holiday) are the reason for the season, right? Well, overlooked they will be no more.
As someone who doesn’t have kids or make it to Target that often, a co-worker passed along this info to me.

Domo. It’s just so gosh darn cute! Don’t ‘cha know.



For its Halloween costume campaign, Target enlisted NHK Japan’s “Domo.”He’s all over the store and made way the www. On the Target Web site, aside from purchasing the Domo stuff, you can also view an animated short and how they made it. This cute little short was produced to the tune of five seconds per day. While you can’t buy a Domo costume, you can buy a plethora of other Domo-related Halloween items. Lollipops. Plush toys. Mini figures sets. Tackle box with candy. Candy games. Halloween countdown calendar with a gummy candy for each day. And a Domo gift card that comes with different costume choices. It’s about time a brand successfully cracked the formula for capitializing on a holiday-related character for a holiday that no one has quite yet claimed. Hope to see him next year.



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