UGC-User Generated Christmas


This Sunday marks the official launch date of Office Max’s highly viral Last year the site experienced 100 million unique visitors throughout the world. So how do they top it this year? They brought on the JibJab folks for a new twist. The will be one of–what I’m guessing to be–many UGC sites this holiday. So popular, in fact, that I’ve decided to call it User Generated Christmas–that’s right, you heard it hear first! Make it. Upload it. Pass it on. Instant holiday cheer. And one less “thinking of you this season” electronic holiday card you have to send.

Other brands have jumped on the UGChristmas train. Design the World a Coke (Holiday Edition) and share it across the world, while casting your vote for the coolest ones. Gap is letting consumers “mix up” Christmas carols to send to friends. Also, look for some clever companies, especially the ad folks, to produce some wild and crazy cards/sites to top last year’s. Not all UGC, but all worth a visit. VML’s Holiday Version of Guitar Hero 

Holiday Agency Card Inspiration from Agency Holiday Cards Report Card


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