Rethink: The Magic of Cutting Costs


When you are out and about this Thanksgiving, might want to rethink your traditional stop to see the Macy’s holiday windows on State St. This year the department store clearly cut costs (join the club!) on their windows by putting their own “Believe” theme on the State St. spectacles, instead of recreating classic tales like they did in the past.



The windows caught the eyes of not only the “3-minute Ad Age” crew, but apparently the windows are catching the eyes of 7,000 consumers an hour–at least the flagship shop in NYC.

Even in the tough times, people still seek the comfort of traditions. Let’s just hope these window-peepers aren’t too disappointed by that they don’t even consider the intended outcome of actually entering the store to shop. It just goes to show you that if you start messing with consumer loyalty and what they have come to expect from your brand, they will take their dollar elsewhere–which has been an on-going obstacle with the Macy’s/Marshall Fields takeover. At least we can still “believe” in Frango mints, right?

For a not-so-cheery-angle on the windows, check Mike Doyle’s article for the Huffington Post.


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