An Internet Boom


“Baby boomers,” whom consist of 77.2 million people (aged 44 to 62), constitute nearly 30% of the online population.

You gotta read it to believe it. This group isn’t messing around.

My mother, a true boomer and 58-years-young, boasts her own Facebook, blog, Second Life identity and is in charge of posting all the family pics and videos online. My father, on the other hand, has yet to take his Blackberry out of the box because he doesn’t like the concept of constant connectivity. Either way, I think this small sample–of my parents–is pretty representative of that age group. Some are more saavy than the younger generations, while others have yet to be totally invested. I also think this is just the beginning for most boomers. I quote Mark J. Miller from his article, “Reaching Baby Boomers on the Internet” from Small Business Trends:

“Baby Boomers are just as open to new products as younger consumers. This is a generation that has broken the mold during every stage of life — and middle age is no different. As Boomers hit midlife, they’re open to a wide range of new products and experiences — just as they have at every other stage of life.”

After all, when I was home for Thanksgiving, my anti-Blackberry father asked me to help him sign up for “that LinkedIn thing.”

They even have their own “Facebook” style for social networking–


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