Social Media How-to for B2B Events




In our industry, there is a lot of buzz circulating about social media. And in our humble ad shop here at Magnani, we are always searching for ways to make our B2B clients more “social.” Here’s a recent article from B2B magazine the outlines the how-tos and benefits of “Promoting events with social media.”

An excerpt…

“Social networking isn’t just for tweens anymore. B-to-b audiences are flocking to the Web in their personal and professional lives—using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to network with others in their community. And savvy event marketers are taking advantage. Becoming part of the digital conversation can boost brand image, draw larger audiences to events and increase postshow participation.

Not only that, but, according to Steve Gershik, VP-marketing innovation at Eloqua Corp., a lead-management company, it saves money. Marketers that use social networks to spread the word about their events, Gershik said, are ‘going to spend less money in search advertising because [their] word is going to be distributed virally, and that is free.'”


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