Innovative business decisions come from Detroit.




As a former paper carrier and occasional silly-putty-image-transferer, a CNN article about The Detroit Free Press and Detroit News canceling daily home delivery struck an emotional chord.

But as a copywriter it’s a wake up call, because one more print advertising and marketing medium has disappeared, at least at the local level.

With blog writers, digital news outlets and the newspaper companies themselves providing free real-time access to information at no cost, the days of big town rival newspapers are ending. For example, in both Sacramento and San Francisco, “the big two” have been relegated to “the big one, and a free tabloid.” Actually, with so much free information available online, it’s perplexing that this story is the first of its kind. Perhaps it’s nostalgia that’s kept physical paper delivery alive so long.

The turbulent economic environment was the last straw for newspapers in Detroit, but it’s part of a continued fundamental shift in media, and this city is setting a trend. We’re one step closer to walking away from “a cup of coffee and the paper” forever, and a digital marketing and advertising solution just became a more integral part of an integrated campaign.


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