Ad Predictions for ‘09


From Ad Age. And I couldn’t agree more. Try to weave it into your clients’ minds and current projects. In 2009, advertising will go back to the fundamentals, even TV. The economic downturn will drive new realities of scarcity. We’ll rediscover timeless truths: friendship must be earned, fame is fleeting, exaggeration begets backlash, it always pays to listen, an open door beats a closed door and credibility is our most enduring marketing asset. We’ll need to make more choices and we’ll need to do much more dot-connecting between existing activities and attributes like TV, customer service, product performance and conversational output. TV will remain a focus because viewership in aggregate is actually going up, so continuing to understand how social media extends and enhances that experience (and sources content in reverse) will be mission critical. We’ll start the year talking about mobile as a stand-alone activity, but the “back to basics” approach will more appropriately cast it as yet another screen for content delivery.

I close out the holidays with a pic of my pug. He doesn’t relate much to marketing, but if we are getting back to basics, then don’t forget that cute things sell.




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