Auditing Your Information Overload


How many e-newletters/news alerts appear in your inbox every day?
How many sources are you getting your news from?
And how many hours a day/a week are you wrapped up in an intense game of trying to take in all the news you can?

Whether it’s Web sites, blogs, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, radio shows, podcasts, TV or videos, the sources seem endless.

If you are feeling overwhelmed–not able to read it all or stay on top fast enough–it’s time for an Information Audit.

*First, pick a key topic you receive information about. This could be daily news or a industry-specific topic (i.e. Design).

*Next, fill out your own version of the chart below, which answers six essential questions:



1. Source: Where are you getting info from?
2. Frequency: How often do you receive it?
3. Time: How much time do you spend reading/listening/watching it?
4. Value: How does this help you?
5. Need: Do you need it, or could you live without it?
6. New Approach: Is there a quicker way to get this info?

This will put your time into perspective. Hopefully you will realize there are some overlapping (even unnecessary) sources in your life that you can eliminate. Focus on topics that you are expected to know. Life’s too short to be an expert on everything.
From Kevin Miller’s Surviving Information Overload.


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