A New Kind of Performance Review


Rypple Introduction from Rypple on Vimeo. It’s been said the the kiddos entering the workforce today (and some who are still “fresh” out of college) are seeking constant feedback on the job. When companies start dealing with people who are used to tracking their progress on a leader board for a video game, or those who could constantly check online for grades and test score percentages, it’s no wonder this need for instant answers would find it’s way into the 9-5 world. To eradicate this “problem,” a web-based service just came out called Rypple. “The service requires employees to establish a network of trusted peers, mentors and managers whose opinions they value. They can then send out short questions, such as “What did you think of my presentation today?”, to which their network’s members can respond online.”

It’s a way to get honest (AND anonymous) feedback on your work between formal reviews. Or should we be teaching more assertiveness in the classroom today so people can actually have a face-to-face talk if they have concerns?





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