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Outside of the Super Bowl, great commercials are hard to find in bunches. When you consider how much television you watch, when you watch it, and what programs interest you, it’s no wonder we get bored with advertising. I watch sports and Lost. That’s pretty much it. And while the ads in Lost appeal to a broad audience, my between-sports-segment entertainment consists of trucks, deodorant and athletic wear. Most of the ads have a similar voice. Most use similar artistic techniques. Few stand out. With all the mediocrity on the airwaves, we have to look elsewhere for inspiration.

One of the best ways for industry folks to stay atop advertising trends is to subscribe to Creativity Top 5 –a weekly podcast of the top five (usually TV) commercials around world. You can set up an RSS feed or subscribe through iTunes by doing a search at the iTunes Store.

It’s sort of like watching a new slate of Super Bowl ads every week, but it’s better, because every one of them is good. So if you’re starved for more entertaining advertising, get your weekly fix with this podcast, and keep working hard to make those deodorant ads as engaging and provocative as you can.


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