5 Steps to Social Media Reputation Management


While there are still many reasons for companies to use banner ads and more commonly recognized online marketing, it has certainly become increasingly more important over the past several years for companies to pay attention to voices of their customers on the Web.  Whether it’s ten or ten million people – consumers are talking about your company, staff, products and services. With today’s digital communications tools, your customers’ opinions and thoughts about your business are being published and the whole world is reading it.  From blogs to MySpace to Twitter and YouTube, to the other more than 500 social media portals, the thoughts that your fans and critics are sharing on the web now show up in organic search results for searches that include your company’s name and in the headlines. Companies who choose not to participate in this arena forfeit their chances to both defend their company’s reputation – when it’s necessary – and promote their products services – where they fit – via today’s most promising avenue for skyrocketing success or detrimental failure.

So, where should you start?

The first five steps to social media reputation management:

1.) Commit to participation. 2.) Identify which blogs, web sites, and forums allow you to “cast the largest net” based on where most of your customers are talking about you. 3.) Establish the standard protocol (regarding addressing negative criticism and pursuing opportunities to sell) that you’d like your resources to follow.  This should be based on your company’s customer service and sales mission statement. 4.) Allocate resources (number of people needed will depend on the size of the company) to manage your online reputation.  This may involve outsourcing.  Magnani offers scalable options for social media reputation management. 5.) Track your results.  This can be done in a number of ways based on your business model and revenue channels.

Magnani can help you determine what makes the most sense for your company.


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