The Marketing Mind: Episode 1 — Mirror Neurons




One of the great things about following marketing and science is seeing how new discoveries in neuroscience generally can give us a better understanding of why those laws of marketing are so “immutable”. Today’s topic, mirror neurons. First studied in the 1980’s, mirror neurons are a small circuit of cells in the premotor cortex and inferior parietal cortex of your brain that are active when you are performing an action, like swinging a baseball bat, or, more interestingly, when you are observing someone else doing it. These little cells are how we connect with things we are viewing. Like when you’re watching a movie and you can almost feel a character’s heart break. Or, why you can almost feel your jaw hurt after watching a boxer take a solid uppercut to the mandibles. These little cells are also given credit for improving physical performance simply by “visualizing”. So what has all of this to do with marketing? Well, simply put if it weren’t for mirror neurons, we’d all be out of work. Mirror neurons are the gateway to shared experience and collective understanding. These calls give consumers that unique ability to “try on” the experiences we marketers are building though imagery, words, sounds, etc. So, let’s all “visualize” ourselves raising a glass in honor of the Mirror Neuron.


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