It’s just Carnival.




I don’t know why everyone keeps mispronouncing it.



On the train the other day, I was thinking about how we speak, how we write and how easily our marketing messages are misinterpreted when we’re not careful to consider who’s reading them, and how they’re read. This is especially true with headlines.

When you’ve settled on a few favorite headlines for your ad, take the time to read them carefully. Is there a word in your copy that might be taken out of context? Are you counting on your reader to place emphasis on a particular word or syllable, regardless of punctuation?

Talk to your agency co-workers, account planners or other writers. Let them read the line, without any introduction. Do they interpret it as you intended? Chances are, if your line passes the four or five colleague test, you’re fine. But as an advertising rule of thumb, if you need to bold or alter a word in your copy in order to get the point across, you’ll benefit from a little more writing and a few more options.


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