Pandora’s jack-in-the-box




Have you ever heard of Pandora? It’s an online jukebox of sorts. You give a few songs the thumbs up or  thumbs down, it learns what kind of music you like, and plays your favorites while mixing in a few songs you might like, based on your input. There are a few other sites like it, but it’s my favorite. It’s like a peek into your favorite musician’s iPod.

If you like the concept of Pandora, and you like jokes, you’ll really like Jester, a site dedicated to learning what tickles your funnybone, using a similar technology. Still in its infancy, the site encourages you to explore, and upload your own jokes. It’s a little heavy on engineer jokes (design not train) but the more folks who interact and upload to it, the better it will become. As a copywriter for a marketing and advertising agency, it’s a nice source of inspiration, as many of the jokes are plays on phrase interpretation. Enjoy.


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