Facebook Lite and Brands


Is Facebook Lite the black hole for brands? I read this article from AdAge today (http://ow.ly/p09u) and I would argue that the simpler interface is not the downfall for brands but may remind brands what it is that social media offers them… A very accessible platform. But without great content and consistent engagement a platform does not make a brand.
I have run into this trap in my own social media life. Just having an account (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) doesn’t mean that people will know or care that you are there. Just like at a party, you need to be able to have interesting conversations to be remembered. And what makes a good conversation: interesting content and the guts to start the conversation/put yourself out there.

If brands aren’t interacting with their customers already through social media it probably doesn’t matter that the fans can’t search for them through Facebook Lite. And if a brand is updating consistently with content that matters to their fans it will show up in their news feeds.

I haven’t signed up for Facebook Lite but I am a fan of many brands on Facebook I have forgotten I fanned because I never hear from them. If you want to engage your fans (or brand stewards) don’t forget about them. Facebook Lite may still be a viable medium for brands as long as they don’t forget the content and engagement.


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