No tweets for the NFL


Earlier this summer the Green Bay Packers led the NFL with a no-tweeting rule during official Packer functions. According to the Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

“Any Packer who uses Twitter while on the clock will be fined the maximum amount of $1,701.”

After many posts about what would be the NFL’s official position on the new technologies. the NFL has come out with their official Social Media Policy, banning use of Twitter and other social media platforms by players (and their representatives), coaches and other team personnel on game days, beginning 90 minutes before a game until following the conclusion of media interviews after a game.

This new policy has caused a twitter up-roar from players like Bernard Berrian, @B_Twice, of the Vikings:

“NFL passes rule that we can’t twitter 90 mins prior to a game and I think 90mins after. But aint twitter a form of speech?? Thought I had the right to freedom of speech”

While the NFL policy appears to be strict, NBC Sports is reporting that Chad Ochocinco, @OGOchoCinco, of the Bengals has found loopholes in the NFL’s  tweeting and social media policies. What these loopholes are remains to be seen. But, Ochocinco talks of a storm to come this Sunday saying:

“I’ve been really, really quiet, and there’s a storm coming Sunday … That’s one of the things that I do when I’m back:  I have something.  I keep you on the edge of your seat.

NFL, I would like to apologize to you guys early.  I understand.  I read all the fine print in the letters you sent, but I did find loopholes.  I found loopholes.”

The Bengals start the season off this Sunday at 12:00 p.m. CT in a game against the Broncos. The question remains – will Ochocinco be true to his Tweets and if so – how will the NFL respond. Until Sunday…


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