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Corey G (Communications/ New Biz Expert)
In today’s world the communications industry is becoming less divided and more inter-linked across job functions. Corey G, new business leader at MCM, understands this shift and has been a huge proponent for integration and cohesive development.

Because of social media’s explosive presence across the digital realm, there is a new platform for Corey and her team to build the MCM brand. Social media allows for the impersonal to become personal in a less aggressive format, as a way to reach out to new consumers and start the initial conversation.

Social media provides dialogue, feedback, and development, which is essential for Corey’s job. After all, this is the business of building and maintaining relationships. “While cold calling is necessary at times, it should not be the entire strategy,” to unite and connect brands with consumers. This is why Corey is a monitor, collaborator, and advocate for MCM to take a more integrated approach and utilize social media to develop and embrace the company brand. Social media is the online version of the physical networking events that Corey regularly attends. It is part of the cohesive new business strategy that MCM, as an integrated company, prides itself on.

This cohesive program links together public relations, marketing, and advertising to add value for long-term stability and growth. As communications manager, Corey maintains the integrated philosophy of MCM when not only reaching out to new business, but also promoting the company.  While social media currently provides this channel for integration, we can only look to the future to what will transform the communications industry and provide the next outlet.


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