Healthcare 2.0

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I am definitely guilty of going online to find answers to health questions I should probably just ask my primary care physician. And I would venture to say that most of you are too. With all the resources available, it’s hard not to. But what if those online answers were actually tailored to your personal medical history?

I came across this article in the New York Times about the just-launched website, whose mission is “To help you understand what your health data means and how you can use it to be as healthy as possible.” Using, patients can upload their medical history and lab results and have access to tailored “health plans” created by physicians and health experts especially for Keas. When I made an account, I couldn’t upload any documentation (my doctor only recently switched to electronic records), but several health plans were suggested to me right away simply based on the survey I filled out after signing up. It’s totally personalized and would become even more so if I included my records and history.

I think this is a really exciting idea, and I am wondering what more technological developments like this could mean for health care marketing. By using a third-party site not affiliated with your health care provider, there is another layer of contact and patient control that doesn’t exist in a traditional doctor-patient interaction. What does that mean for the doctors and the hospitals or care centers they work in? How does the doctor-patient conversation change, and in turn how does the marketing conversation have to change?

Advancements in the field of health care are an almost daily occurrence, and we hope to help our health care clients navigate issues like this successfully.


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