The Power of Fear

Gail Straus

Using words like “scary,” “thrilling” and “anxiety,” a client recently shared his real feelings about the prospect of marketing research with me. It occurred to me that this fear comes from two places: Fear of what we’ll learn that may require us to rethink how we present our product or service. Fear that what we’ll learn will require us to change what we’re doing or how we’re presenting our product or service to our customers.
In the end, it’s important to face those fears.

• Embrace the opportunity to listening to customers’ voices as exhilarating.
• Let those voices inform course correction not paralysis.
• Address the fear of marketing research by taking it slow. Start with influencer interviews or customer focus groups to begin listening. Once your appetite has been whet, you’ll be ready for a bigger project such as conducting a survey or deploying an online community.

Having the confidence to make smart decisions based on insight and intelligence should always trump acting out of fear when it comes to your business.


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