Internet Explorer 6: Going, Going…Please Go

Justin Jurek

Moving to the great beyond.

Moving to the great beyond.

Let’s kick off the week with a little good news/bad news from the category, technology, specifically Internet Explorer 6. 

Looks like that steadfast relic from the turn of the century, Internet Explorer 6, is finally, finally giving up the ghost, according to web analytics company StatCounter, who say IE6 now has less than 5% of market share in the U.S. and Europe.

A caveat to that article: these numbers do not hold up for enterprise. It appears many companies are holding on to IE6 purposefully to restrict access to modern social networking sites. By using IE6 as the default web browser on their systems, corporations don’t need to worry about setting up permissions on their network… IE6’s ancient and outdated technology does all the work for them.

What can we surmise from this information?

B2C marketers: Go hog wild! Take advantage of the new and interesting communication vehicles the web has to offer.

B2B marketers: Remember that most of  your consumers are viewing the web through technology that was new when N*SYNC was still popular. Really. It was that long ago.


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