Hospitality: Targeting the Business/Leisure Traveler


A recent survey conducted by the Wyndham Hotel Group revealed that US travelers rank 2nd, following the Chinese when it comes to inviting family on business trips and extending their stays.

Apparently, Chinese travelers look at their business travel as a way to stay at higher-end hotels, while US and Canadian travelers view it as a way to explore new cities. According to the study Brazilians view business travel as an all-expensed paid trip and the UK traveler (who happen to be less likely to extend trips and invite family members) view travel as more of a burden, time away from family, which they don’t enjoy.

When planning for 2013, marketing and promotions should take into account the commonalities the survey highlights. Business travelers overall, (about half) have extended their trip to include leisure time and a quarter surveyed always build in personal time during their stays. A third take time to explore the hotel and care about amenities – hotel bars, fitness centers and spas to be exact.

As business and leisure travel continue to merge together, marketing efforts towards the BT group should follow suit- emphasizing activities in and around the hotel.


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