Why I’m probably going to buy a Honda

Jeff Davidson

Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or a combination of the two, when it comes to marketing, you’ve got to pin down exactly what sets you apart from the competition. And one of the most successful approaches to getting your message out, without hitting your customer over the head, is the tried-but-true, side-by-side comparison.
With infant and toddler daughters and a medium sized dog, our family’s in the market for a small SUV. Grandma’s ’96 olds is running just fine for us, but we need something with a little more space, a little better traction, and most importantly, a latch and tether system for our 2 car seats. Perhaps it’s the 50 million CR-Vs I see on the road. Perhaps it’s the Civic Hybrid we already have. Whatever the reason, I decided to start my search at Honda.com. And thanks to the side-by-side comparison tool, I decided to stay on the site for the better part of the weekend.

The layout is simple and clean, allowing you to compare features from every late model Honda, with virtually every late model vehicle in the marketplace (not just the prime competitors). Price, fuel economy, safety data and more—it’s all on display. And while there’s a clear emphasis on Honda’s top features and specs, they’re not necessarily #1 in every category. More importantly, they’re not afraid to admit it. That comes across as being honest, and makes it even more likely I’ll buy a CR-V over a RAV-4, even if I’ll be missing out on 2 cubic feet of cargo space.

If you or your client has an offering that stacks up nicely against the competition, consider a comparison tool. You’ll do your potential customers a tremendous service, and help build your brand in the process. Just follow Honda’s lead, and make sure it’s compatible with mobile devices.


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