For Your Next Vacation, Look Internationally

Jeff Thodal

When was the last time your booked a flight? Where was it to? Did you look around, or go straight to one airline? Did you happen to see rates for other airlines or destinations?
I ask, as I’m seeing a pattern with airlines. Maybe it’s because of my travel habits or what I like and dislike, but I feel it is getting consistently less expensive to fly internationally than within the continental United States. Now, I don’t fly much domestically and I know there are deals, low rates and specials that can make the flat ticket price very low, but when you add in all the other elements you encounter on a flight, the value, in my opinion shifts internationally, especially when you fly an international based airline.

To start with, the base fare for a major international city isn’t much more than the cost of the ticket from one coast to the other. Maybe it’s the location, maybe they can accomodate for larger planes. It could be a general want to have tourists in the country (and in some cases, especially where the government owns the airline) it is. And, when flying an international airline, baggage is free, there is food (usually a couple meals and they’re decent) and alcohol included. Plus, there is greater comfort  and a more relaxing experience with, what feels like, better service.

To me, this all makes the ticket price feel less expensive and the value much greater. There is a misconception that traveling abroad is too expensive. I hope this, at least convinces you to consider it. At least look! The costs can be quite comparable, assuming you are comparing a similar destination.


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