Curation – Keeping Insights Alive

Gail Straus

A recent Market Research Association conference session focused on the obligation of researchers to move beyond generating data to sustaining the value of research through curation. The speaker suggested that the researcher’s mantra should be “Collect. Connect. Curate.”

As an integrated marketing agency, the idea of curation happens organically through the life of a client relationship. By taking time at the beginning of a relationship and at key points during a long-term client engagement to conduct marketing research, we collect valuable intelligence that connects to insights that drive the creative processes. As the client relationship progresses, we strive to honor the powerful voice of the customer, understood through the initial research, throughout the life of the relationship.

While uncovering insight is an important researcher role, everyone on the agency team has the obligation to preserve this insight purposefully by actively evoking those insights through the creative process to continue to do the best work for our clients.


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