Divvy’s Marketing Strategy – The Red Unicorn

Christy Hogan Hutchinson

Photo by jntolva

I definitely don’t consider myself a cyclist, but regardless I’ve been incredibly excited to see these powder blue Divvy bike stations recently appearing in my neighborhood. After trying the service once on my way to the farmer’s market, I was hooked and bought an annual membership right away.
Only one thing has impressed me more than the quick adoption of these bikes and that’s been Divvy’s ability to engage and reward its early adopters with its Divvy Red marketing strategy. In a world of blue Divvy bikes, painted to match the stripes on the Chicago flag, there is only one red Divvy bike, known as “The Unicorn”. Its red color matches the stars on the Chicago flag.

Partnering with local businesses and enlisting the promotional help of the mayor, Divvy has created a photo contest with Divvy Red that has caused quite a stir on Twitter. Brand evangelists posting photos using the hashtag #DivvyRed are being rewarded for the most creative photos of the elusive red bike as it makes its way around the city. This strategy has provided a unique brand experience engaging users and local businesses to support the new bike share program.

Why does Divvy Red matter? The importance of any solid brand strategy should focus on connecting target audiences with the brand in a meaningful way, at all points of brand contact.  Divvy Red is a quirky and fun way to engage an audience and connect the brand and its personality to the city of Chicago. It is a creative use of social media that lets its target audience experience the essence of the Divvy brand.

What’s your brand’s #DivvyRed?


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